My Golden Moment

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A Golden Moment by: Isaac Woods III June 26, 1999 was a significant “Golden Moment” in my life. The overwhelming feeling of freedom, responsibility, fear, and excitement embellished my body with it’s intoxicating smoke. Am I speaking of a truly new found moment, or a blunt? My moment has it’s own zip code, it’s very own city and state. You might be thinking.........what is he talking about? Or do you know? Ladies and …

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…everyday. With the help of God, I will see another “Golden Moment” when I receive my law degree. Patience is what I lack. My mom always says, “It can be your best friend or worst enemy.” I study patience -- in my home. To convey to you the infinite number of emotions involved with my golden moment, would take more than a page. Instead, I’ll let these few words attempt to justify my emotions.