My First Time Away From Home

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Thadani 1 Tarun Thadani Ms. Stankus-Saulaitis Expository Writing 21 September 2000 My First Time Away From Home I had never travelled alone or had any kind of independent experience till seventh grade ended. After finishing my seventh grade exams, my parents decided to send me away for a couple of weeks. They wanted so send me to some place where i would learn and achieve something, changing the my way of thinking for the better. Tennis is a …

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…only twelve when i went to this accademy, I learnt things that helped me tremendously. I learnt how to interact with people, how to make new friends and most of all live independently. This experience changed my way of thinking and living as i got examples from the kids i met there and changed for the better. Eventhough this happend five years ago, i can remember every single detail of my trip vividly. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ **Bibliography**