My Antonia's Theme of change

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THEME my antonia by willa cather. a story of friends, love, immigration, and most importantly CHANGE. the whole book of my antonia is about CHANGE. antonia CHANGES from an illiterate child from bohemia to an intelligent woman in america. antonia CHANGES from living well off in bohemia to living poorly in america. antonia CHANGES from being an innocent little girl to being a hard working teenager. then there is jim burden, who you could call …

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…to california or as they said, the “wild, wild west” and most importantly jim, was no longer the next door neighbor to antonia and the shimerda family. all of the things i have discussed show that CHANGE could be good, but sometime CHANGE can be bad, now if you didn’t realized that this book is all about CHANGES, maybe you need to CHANGE your reading habits, or maybe you need to CHANGE your attitude!!!