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During the second generation, there was a huge sales drop. The Mustang II was not well received. They replaced the big block V-8 350ci engine with a 289ci four cylinder engine. Ford's idea with the Mustang II was to give people a smaller, lighter, and a more fuel-efficient car. Ford, obviously, made a big mistake. Mustang sales dropped by 76%. Ford's reputation took a huge beating. Another mistake Ford made was dropping the convertible models from …

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…A non-functioning air induction scoop was added to the hood. They also used more angular cuts in the body styling rather than the recent rounded style. Ford continues to produce Mustangs in the same tradition for new generations. Americans have an undying passion for Mustangs that began over thirty years ago. It has never been just an ordinary car. With each new generation Bibliography History of Mustangs by S.C Loken copywrited in 1989 Richmond, Virgnia