Mughal rule in India 1500-1750.

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What is the nature of Mughal rule in India 1500-1750? At around 1500 A.D. India was advancing rapidly. Trade linked much of India and internal commerce was doing well. Different regions in India grew a variety of crops as well as production of items such as cotton and silk increased. Indian goods where demanded on the open market and Indian imports where few compared to their exports. Some of these imports included horses, black slaves …

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…where maid up of commercial enterprises, be it grain traders, moneylenders or retired officials who held commercial interests. It was diffucult for the people of the Mughal empire who weren't much of a seafaring culture to accept this new change in dependence on foreign traded goods. A lasting impression was made on India forever by the Europeans but would soon be followed by an even stronger insurgence into India. That however, was still to come.