Much Ado About Nothing. Love,Hate & Marriage

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Love, Hate & Marriage: An Analytical Essay on the Relationship of Beatrice & Benedick In William Shakespeare's comedy 'Much Ado About Nothing', the characters Beatrice and Benedick are involved in what could only be called a 'love/hate' relationship. The play is a classic example of this type of relationship, and allows us to view one from the outside looking in. This gives us the chance to analyse the type of relationship that at one …

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…Beatrice and Benedick's fears concerning love and marriage were unfounded. Even after admitting that they love each other, they are still fundamentally the same people that they were before. They are happier, even though they still 'spar' verbally (even at the alter), and their freedom does not seem to be suffering in any way. What started out as what seemed to be hatred has turned to love. Too bad that is not always the case.