Mt. St. Hellons

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Mount St. Helens is a young volcano that developed over the last 40,000 years within a very ruff terrain of metavolcanic rocks. Mount St. Helens was givens itís name some time between 1753 and 1839. This Volcano was named after Baron St. Helens. The mountain was named by Commander George Vancouver and the officers of H.M.S.Discovery. Mount St. Helens was known as "the Fuji of America" because its symmetrical appearance was similar to a …

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…the volcano. The eruption on May 18, 1980 blew volcanic ash consisting of heavily crushed, old rock from the mountain's core as well as solidified new lava, more than 15 miles into the air. Winds carried the ash mostly eastward across the United States and in trace amounts, around the world. The ash, which fell in extremely large amounts as far east as western Montana, harshly disrupted travel, caused widespread economic loss, and resulted in many other problems.