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To what extent have logical positivists proved that "God talk" is meaningless? When Ludwig Wittgenstein wrote "The world is all that is the case. The world is the totality of facts and not of things" he was not only beginning a book but also a movement in philosophy called Logical Positivism. Wittgenstein was not the founder of this new movement but rather it came from a group of thinkers in Vienna in the 1920's (called …

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…is grounded in precise language and verifiable sense experience; emotion, religion, intuition, subjective knowledge are all suspect. "Where's the beef?" "Where's the evidence?" "Where does this knowledge practically take us?" anchor this dominant, secular belief system. By using the idea of "meaningfull" and "meaningless" Logical Positivists can attempt to disprove "God talk", but this is as far as they can go. The contradictions in the Logical Positivists' arguments make their arguments indeed meaningless. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ **Bibliography**