Mr. Walt Disney, You're My Hero

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Many people believe that a hero is a person that has defeated great strengths to save an object in need (hero 566). My definition of a hero is a person noted for special achievements in a particular field. Walt Disney, who is noted for his outstanding literature and film production, has lived up to my idea of a hero. He has become a local icon in the eyes of people around the world. Disney has started …

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…memories throughout their childhood making their imaginations grow. Disney is a hero to many people because of his creations. He created new ideas in the film industry, spread his works worldwide, and benefited children's lives with entertainment and fantasies. He has been noted for his special achievement in the animation field, therefore making him a hero. "Hero." Webster's Ninth New Collegiate Dictionary. 9th ed. Merrian-Webster Inc. 1987. "Disney, Walter." Microsoft Encarta 98 Encyclopedia. 1998 ed. CD-ROM. Microsoft Corporation. 1998