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Kafka's Perspective of the truth in Jim Naureckas's, "A Conspiracy of Dunces: Right-Wing Distortion Goes Mainstream." Kafka's viewpoint on the truth of Prometheus is of skepticism. The structure of the essay is simple and concise, as it discusses the four legends concerning Prometheus. There is an introductory sentence, which provides the thesis of the story. The introductory sentence ends with a colon, and lists the four legends in chronological order with each legend starting with "…

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…article, Andrew Rosenthal of the New York Times admitted that he didn't know whether or not the story was true. Although he was given the information about the White House conspiracy claim to be false, he still has doubts of being deceived by the new information. In both "A Conspiracy of Dunces" and "Prometheus," the reader is given the choice to find and decide what is true through each article's statements and interpretations. Bibliography Reader