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Didnít you just love when your parents told you stories when you were little. Well, your not little and Iím not your dad, but Iím going to tell you a story anyway. It is the story of Motown. It all started with a man named Berry Gordy Jr. Gordy was born in Detroit, Michigan and was the seventh of eight children of Berry Sr. and Bertha Gordy. Berry only made it to …

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…then it had in the 1960ís, Motown will always be remembered for the music it created during the 1960ís that was heard on the tiny radios in automobiles as teenagers cruised the streets and highways. Never in history has one company produced so many top ten hits as Motown did during that marvelous decade, 1960. Todays commercials and movies are testimony to the great Motown songs of the Ď60s which are heard more than ever before.