Motivation in the workplace

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Fundamentals of Motivation One of the most important things to learn in for human relations are: How do you get people to do things? · The answer rests on an understanding of what motivation is all about, for it is motivated workers who ultimately get things done, and without such people no organization can hope to be effective. What motivates an individual to act in a given way? Let's look at what motives are: · Motives: needs, …

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…a poor performance appraisal, or change in leadership style. This causes a change in attitude, which then results in a decline in output. In Conclusion: managers should be aware of the available approaches to understanding interpersonal behavior. After all, values, perceptions, attitude, and to a large degree- personalities are developed through interpersonal relations. Individuals are complex beings. Nevertheless, many descriptive cliches have been used in trying to sum them up in a word or two.