Mother Daughter Relationships in Edwidge Danticat's "New York Day Woman" and Gich Jen's "Who's Irish?"

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Chris Britz Prof. Nunez ENC1102 6 February 2003 Mother Daughter Relationships What is the "mother-daughter" relationship? I have no direct information on this because I am not a daughter. I do, however, have two sisters, and their relationship with my mother is very different when compared to the characters in the short stories "Who's Irish?" and "New York Day Women." Relationships between mothers and daughters take different forms for different people. The mother/daughter relationship amongst different …

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…and their daughter can vary just as the tides of the ocean. The mother-daughter relationship amongst different people can be the same, but also very different, as seen in the short stories, "Who's Irish?" and "New York Day Women.". However, in the end family relationships will prevail in good standing, and the love that was always there will rise in the hearts of the families and all will be won in the fight for togertherness.