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Introduction Mosquitoes: the carrier of disease, the sultan of annoyance, the clever anti-coagulants its whiner makes so the blood you have will flow freely into its gut. Sounds innocuous to most but deadly to others. Do not speak about the mosquito's mouth, which is designed to furtively slip through human flesh. Nothing about the itchy feeling as the body tries to decompose and eliminate chemicals the mosquito (refer to appendix a) injected during the bite. …

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…by rending the fabric of our environment, changing our behavior, and ironically, by or inventiveness in increasing the length and quality of our lives. Until quite recently, few people seemed aware of this epidemic of epidemics. The diseases spoken already are three of the few in our world causing a calamity right now. For each new disease known to the general public, there are a dozen others; the wheels of biological change keep turning faster