Moses As A Leader

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Throughout Exodus and ending in Deutoronomy, the tale of Moses is told. Moses faces adversity from the start, beginning with his birth. His life takes many turns, all are for the better, but also very surprising. Moses's story begins when he is born to a Hebrew woman. Previous to his arrival, the Pharoah had commanded that all sons born to Hebrews be "cast into the Nile." This is done to prevent the Hebrew slaves from …

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…that he realizes his job as the leader. This contrasts greatly from the original portrayal of a slow, weak, and barbaric Moses. The story of Moses is interesting, contrived, and unpredictable. What makes it so interesting is seeing Moses change and grow drastically. He begins as a meek man and ends as a regal ruler. Each chapter has a surprising bit of his life, which makes for a great tale of overcoming one’s obstacles.