More's Utopia and Plato's Republic

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It can be safely assumed that most utopias are written as a form of critical commentary on the author's own society. Thus, it can hardly be surprising when a philosopher's view of the perfect community differs radically from the community in which he himself lives. However, in many ways, the author is a product of his own society, and thus his work contains biases and preconceptions ingrained in him by his cultural context. This dichotomy …

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…are expected to work as much as men. In these ideal societies, individuals are valued based on their abilities instead of their birth, women are given the opportunity to be valued outside of their traditional roles of mother and wife. However, both Plato and More were products of the paternalistic society of their times, and so it is understandable that their societies, although more equitable, still did not provide for complete equality among the sexes.