More People, more pollution

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From the moment I began to compare Santa Cruz to my hometown, the differences became eminent. Growing up in Los Angeles, I was exposed to one of the most populated cities in all of the United States. While Santa Cruz has a population of only 49,040 people, Los Angeles has an astounding 3,485,398. And every one knows that: the higher the population, the higher the pollution factor. The environments of both L.A. and Santa Cruz differ …

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…slightest amount of change in L.A. As for Santa Cruz, I feel that if the population remains somewhat low, the environment will stay somewhat free of the horrors that L.A. has to deal with everyday. Maybe there could be a way that Santa Cruz could help spread environmental awareness in L.A., the people down there could see just how great the results of a little effort could produce. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ **Bibliography** my brain