Money Does Talk

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One dogma is now held widely by some persons who claim moral superiority. That is, money is not everything. To some extent, there are some truths in this dogma, however, those people tend to fall into the oblivion of the fact that money is not everything, but without money, we can do nothing. So believe it or not, in this materialistic society, money does talk! With money, our life can become more substantial. In a …

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…join the groups such as "hope project", "love project" in our society, from which we can see many virtues of humankind. Yes, those people have developed a correct attitude towards how to use money. Well, all these meaningful things need our money. Therefore, if we use the money properly and timely, we will live a better spiritual and material life. Last, remember: money does talk, but please do not be the salver of the money.