~Modelling: in Canada~ This essay explains my opinion about modelling and how it has changed me. I've included wages earned (usually). The task was to explain how it was essential to my life

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Modelling is a career that not only involves beauty and money, as it is frequently viewed. It is a career that encourages people to improve their self-esteem, confidence and way of life; it can have several benefits depending on the way it is taken. For me, modelling is a way to express myself, where I can find comfort and where I set my own goals and work arduously for them. It is a very challenging …

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…personality in a positive and productive way. It involves hard work, cleverness and perseverance; it has transformed me to a more mature and responsible person. It is an essential part of my life, not only because of the change it had on me but, because of the future plans I have with it. The experience in these moments fulfills me with assurance and joy and that's what is reflected in every model's work, their spirit.