Mockingbird Cunninghams vs. Ewells(compar. and contrast)

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Cunninghams vs. Ewells During the great depression of the1930s there were many families who couldn't make ends meet. How each family copes with their struggles during hard times, has always been a source of great topics for many writers. One such author is Harper Lee who wrote "To Kill A Mocking Bird". In the book the author writes of several families, who were going through those hard times. Two of the families in particular …

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…some common traits but, be completely different human beings. The Cunninghams down on their luck because of the economy but, still trying to make it in an honest and proud fashion. The Ewells who were completely the opposite. They were lazy, dishonest, uneducated people and happy to live that way. I guess the old adage does hold true, "What goes around! Comes around!". This is definitely the case with these two families. "Voila" and "Adios".