Moby Dick

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I. Biographical Insights A. The culture this great author was a part of was the time in American history where inspiring works of literature began to emerge. It was also a time when American writers had not completely separated its literary heritage from Europe, partly because there were successful literary genius' flourishing there. B. Herman Melville was born on August 1, 1819, he was the son of Allan and Maria Melville. During Herman's childhood he lived in …

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…to a reader who wants to know about Man's relation to the universe. The difference this novel will have on society is that it will help a person find their relation to the universe. Bibliography Melville, Herman. "Moby Dick", Spencer Press, Inc. 1936 Webmaster Unknown. "Herman Melville", Internet. 10/01/96 Available WWW: Webmaster Unknown. "Moby Dick", Internet. 10/01/96 Available WWW:*censored*.html