Missing, Teenagers that run away!

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About 210 people go missing everyday. (That is 77,000 every year) Most are girls on the run who return within 72 hours. But for the thousands who don't return it can be a very long and torturous wait for them to return. This is because very few causes receive a lot of press attention, like schoolgirl Amanda "Milly" Dowler who was 13 when she went missing Thursday 21st March 2002. The remains of Milly's body were found on September 19th 2002. …

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…off. This is just one of the examples of where missing person's don't get a lot of publicity. It is appalling that we know so little and therefore cannot do a lot about it Though some do come back, Grace Alozie, for instance went missing for a whole year. She was found by the police and went home after a whole year on the run. The National Missing Persons' Helpline resolves around 70% of all cases.