Miramar Air Station

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World War II opened many American’s eyes to the possibility of invasion from another country; as was seen when the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor in the winter of 1941. Since that time, the reality of war has been a major contributing factor to the Californian lifestyle and how it views the military. This new found reality during and after War II caused California to help support a massive increase in the number of military bases …

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…two halves of the base worked separately for four years until the first of may 1946 when it was consolidated into Marine Corps Air Station, Miramar, with permission to allow and maintain Naval and Marine Corps aircraft (“NAS Miramar History” 1985, 6). It remained a Marine Corps Air Station until June of 1947 when all Marine aircraft were stationed to Marine Air Corps Station El Toro; thus turning all of Miramar into a Naval Auxiliary Air Station (“NAS Miramar. . .” 1985, 6).