Miracle Worker

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Title – The Miracle Worker Author – William Gibson Setting – This book is primarily set in the Keller homestead of Tuscumbia, Alabama during the 1880s. The story also takes place in the Perkins Institution of Boston briefly. Characters – Helen Keller, Captain Arthur Keller (Helen’s father), Kate Keller (Helen’s mother), Aunt Ev (Helen’s aunt and Kate’s sister), Annie Sullivan, Mr. Anagnos, a Doctor, Viney (a Negro servant), James Keller (Helen’s brother), Martha and …

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…received in the early 1900s. Helen Keller lived from 1880 to 1968 and her motivating story is still very popular today. It has been adapted to all mediums, including several books, a play, and two motion pictures. She changed the way America viewed the deaf and blind and contributed to medical research. Her contribution to society is immeasurable; she has motivated thousands, maybe even millions, stop feeling sorry for themselves and change their lives for the better.