Minorities in Canada.

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MINORITIES IN CANADA By: Aneeqa Tahir A minority is a group that, because of its physical or cultural characteristics, is isolated out from others in the society in which it resides for differential and unequal treatment. As a result, minorities regard themselves as objects of collective discrimination. Although they live in Canada and are governed by the democratic system, equal rights remain an ideal rather than a reality for these people. In Canada, "racial minorities" …

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…hate, discrimination, exclusion, and persecution. There are tendencies to place one 'type' of person above another as superior or more worthy - and the concept that one 'race' has the right to dominate and oppress another. Some of the minorities, in Canada, that were victims of the white race from Europe are the Canadian Indians, Blacks and Japanese. A peaceful and just society can only be achieved when the oneness of humanity is finally recognized.