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Minnie Bibble In many short stories authors develop the characters by using different ways of characterization. These methods may include both direct and or indirect characterization.In the short story "He Thinks He's Wonderful," F. Scott Fitzgerald develops Minnie Bibble in both of these ways. Fitzgerald uses direct characterization first in describing Minnie. Direct characterization is statements or facts that the author tells the reader directly. Using this we learned that Minnie is a fifteen-year-old …

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…that she was gone. Through Fitzgerald's methods of characterization we know that Minnie Bibble is a round character because of her change of heart at the end of the story. At first it seems Minnie and Basil were to have a solid love relationship but when the plans fall through and Minne acts as though it doesn't effect her, it seems Basil had just fallen for Minnie's charm as other boys had in the past.