Miltons Notion of Virtue in Areopagitica

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Henderson 1 Tony Henderson Dr. E. V. Seko Eng. 408: Milton 10 October 1999 Miltonís Notion of Virtue in Areopagitica What is the meaning of virtue? Milton answers this question in his speech Areopagitica. Milton will dicuss his meaning of virtue and show his anger at Parliament in the speech. He knows by their actions that Parliament does not know the true meaning of virtue. To understand Areopagitica, you must first understand the reasoning behind the writing. Milton, …

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…of man means the ability to choose what to read, speak or do, and to censor these choices of life is not the true Christian way of life. Milton wanted Parliament and the Roman Catholics to understand this no matter what it cost him. Bibliography Henderson 3 Works Cited Milton, John. John Milton: Complete Poems and Major Prose. Ed. Merritt Y. Hughes. New York: Macmillan. 1957 778 Tillyard, E. M. W. Milton. New York: Barnes & Noble, Inc. 1967. 135-136