Midsummer Night Dream

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Decisions that You Make There are many occurrences in one's life where a difficult choice or decision falls into our hands. We need to deal with the situation and view it from all possible perspectives. Choices and dilemmas are just a part of everyday life. Hermia from the novel, Midsummer's Night Dream, was faced with such a dilemma and wasn't quite sure how to handle the situation. There has been a time in my life …

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…with it. It is ironic how situations that you think will end up in a bad note end up all good. At the end, Hermia and Lysander got together, because he parents were convinced that their love was deep. On the other side of the tracks, relating to I, I didn't do the drugs, my friends didn't care if I did it or not, and my parents never found out. Therefore everything turned out great.