"Midnight Munchies" a process analysis essay writen for college on how to make mac n' cheese.

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Midnight Munchies Yeah college life! Now that we're in college, our diet is no longer the fruits and vegetables that Mom and Dad made us eat along with a healthy glass of milk; it consists of pizza, soda, and the most popular: Easy Mac. Who doesn't enjoy a nice warm bowl of cheesy, gooey, tender noodles as a nighttime snack? I know I do. Sitting in my room late at night, bored out of my …

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…water and soft tubes lying in the fragile bowl until the mixture is complete-- until the bowl is painted yellow, and the smell of the cheddar is clear. I hellishly dig my spoon down into the pits of my creation and scoop up as many noodles as I possibly can. My mouth encompasses it as I chew happily and swallow. I can feel the warm tenderness replenish my vacant stomach. Easy Mac: the college food.