Mexico 1980-1997

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Population The Mexican population is divided into three main groups, the people of European descent, the Native Americans, and the people mixed with European and Native American descent or better known as Mestizos. Of these groups, the Mestizos are by far the Largest, making up about 60% of the people of Mexico. The Native Americans are the next largest with 30% and the Europeans the smallest with only 10%. The society is semi-industrial. The population of Mexico in …

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…and Development. Early last year the OECD invited Mexico to a meeting in Paris, at which the county's admittance was discussed. Despite the attempts made by the Salinas Government to diversify the economy through an increase in ties with other industrialized countries, the compass of the foreign economic agenda has continued to point north. There is no dought that Mexico from the Nouveau riche syndrome. To accuse it of abandoning Latin America is an error.