Metamorphosis Metamorphosis Taking Place Involving Gregor and Its Effect on

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Metamorphosis: Metamorphosis Taking Place Involving Gregor and Its Effect on the Family Metamorphosis. This means a change in form, structure, or appearance. Change is a major theme throughout Franz Kafka's novella, The Metamorphosis. There is a significant relationship between the title, The Metamorphosis, and the theme of change. Kafka's main character, Gregor Samsa, undergoes many changes and his transformation evokes change in his family. Several metamorphosis take place involving Gregor. First, a physical change occurs "…

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…looking good-looking, shapely girl." (58) Also, they wish to marry her off. In addition they plan to move into a new, more manageable home in which they can find relief. As the seasons bring life and death changes in the world of nature, so to in this story, does the life and death of Gregor Samsa bring profound changes not only to him as an individual but also to the lives of the others around him.