Mesmerism and the Enlightenment in France

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In his book, "Mesmerism and the Enlightenment in France", Robert Dranton attempts to explain the mentality of the pre-Revolution Frenchman. He uses th etheory and expansions of Franz Anton Mesmer. In his noble effort, Dranton explains the frantic nature of the educated Frenchman at this time and since he has chosena specific "eye" to see through, his intention is satisfied. He also shows how the radical branches of mesmerism carried on long after the revolution …

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…mesmerism itself just ahppened to be the "lucky" theory that stuck throughout the time period. Mesmer was not a philosopher and his writing s were much less romantic than those of his followers. Burgasse's variation on mesmerism is really what stood the test of time because he was a flamboyant writer and speaker who appealed to the sensational nature of the period. Bibiliography Darnton, Robert. "mesmerism and Enlightenment in France". Harvard University Press: Cambridge, MA. 1968.