Merry-Go-Round In The Sea - Radolph Stowe

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In Randolph Stowe's novel, "MERRY-GO-ROUND IN THE SEA", the problems of adolescence and early adulthood are a primary focus. Many factors contribute to the complexity of these problems, the main issues being h effect war has on a growing boy and the loss of Rick's carefree attiude and innocence through the trauma he endured as a POW. Not only does Stowe concentrate on phychological changes within the main characters, but also the physical changes time …

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…the same blue shirt and grey trousers." In Rob's eyes, Rick's difference was in the face. His eyes were more gaunt looking, and seemed to hold some sort of secret. However, Rob eventually becamse resigned to the fact that this was something he would never be able to help Rick with. Although the war had a shattering effect on the characters, it was the main contributor to the development of them, both mentally and physically.