Meowulf - a creative spoof on the anglo-saxon epic Meowulf. It's written in alternating verses of prose and poetry, and will make your teacher laugh to an A.

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Beowulf is an Anglo-Saxon epic read and enjoyed (if by enjoyed you mean hated with a fiery, burning passion - wait a second. . .) by students everywhere. It was once thought that it was one of the only surviving pieces of Anglo-Saxon literature (apparently the Anglo-Saxons liked their literature as much as we do). However, to our dismay, a new manuscript has been excavated, about Beowulf's brother, and his adventures in a land known to them …

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…Nobody cares what you want, Fred" Replied Hignar. "Well, off you go, Meowulf. Remember the napkins too." And then Meowulf gave Hignar his oath: "I will not return until Spendall has met his demise. Then I will boil the skin from his skull, fill it with Pepsi©, and drink voraciously, and then -" "That's great Meowulf, but could you start the whole 'not returning' thing pretty soon, like NOW? Icelandic Idol comes on in 5 minutes!"