Memoirs of an invisible man

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Memoirs of an Invisible Man After being caught in a freak industrial accident in New Jersey, Nicholas Haloway decides to try to survive after the accident rendered him absolutely invisible. Soon he learns that no one must know of his invisibilty. Soon afterwards, the army starts searching for him because they feel that his invisibility would be extremely useful in Intillegence missions. Headed by David Jenkens, the project soon invades his apartment, forcing him to …

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…man, he has also created riots in clubs, broken into houses, destroyed property, and kidnapped an inocent woman in his search. Soon the New York Times is following the story closely and Jenkens is threatened. Nick calls Jenkens to tell him if he does not give Alice back, he will give the media more leads and will ruin Jenkenís life. Jenkens give Alice back. Nick and Alice gets married and live happily ever after.