Medicinal Marijuana's Effect on the Treatment of Cancer and AIDS.

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Cancer is now the number one killer in our nation and chemotherapy is our best-known defense against it. Cancer is defined by uncontrolled cell growth that eventually interferes with the rest of the body's functioning. Chemotherapy involves the intravenous administration of some of the most powerful and toxic chemicals used in medicine. These drugs attack cancer cells quite effectively, but unfortunately, they are also very efficient at killing healthy cells within the body. Some of …

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…severe nausea and vomiting. Marijuana has been shown to counter the nauseating effects of AZT similarly to its effects on chemotherapy patients. Works Cited NORML Medical Marijuana Use New Scientist. Marijuana Special Report. Fackelmann, Kathleen. Marijuana on Trial. March 22, 1997 Medical Marijuana Briefing Paper. 2003. MAPS Medical Marijuana Research