"Medea" by Euripides.

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Throughout the play Medea by Euripides, Jason extends a helping hand to the dispossessed Medea. This kind gesture extends from Jason's guilty conscience over his engagement to the princess of Corinth. Through the abolition of guilt, false justification is built. There are three types of justifications shown. Firstly, justification through intentions which is shown by Jason; secondly, justification through fear which is shown by Kreon, and thirdly, justification through hurt feelings, which is shown by …

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…created in the hopes of protecting themselves from harm. Jason justifies his engagement to avoid physical harm as well as a soiled reputation. Kreon justifies his disembodiment of Medea to avoid physical damage as well as to prevent future damage to the marriage of his daughter and Jason. Medea justifies her actions in order to prevent damage to her pride and ego. Justifications lead to confrontation and eventually destroy those they were meant to protect.