Mechanism Report on Cable and DSL Modems.

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SUBJECT: Mechanism Report WORDS: 663 Cable and DSL Modems Since the creation of the Internet, home users have always craved power. The only thing available was ISDN and the traditional 56k modem. With the release of cable modems and the discovery of DSL technology, the Internet can be navigated at blazing speeds. Cable Modem: TYPES Cable modems were introduced in 1995. There are three types of them, external, internal and interactive setup box. The external modem is …

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…might need to fix your wiring up also. That and the speed is pretty much the difference between cable modems and DSL modems. Another negative thing about cable modems are some cable operators are strict about running a server. The purchase of an Ethernet card is required as well. Internal modems can't be used with Macintosh; also expensive upgrades may be required. Some areas don't even offer service, which goes for the DSL service also.