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Meant To Be? An analysis of the relationship between Daisy and Winterbourne From the short novel Daisy Miller by Henry James By: Daina Tavenier In the short novel Daisy Miller, Henry James creates a complex and intricate relationship between the two main characters, Daisy Miller and Winterbourne, a relation ship that evidently could not have gone any further than it did. An extended relationship between Daisy and Winterbourne could never happen regarding their being a …

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…character and the two completely different ways that Daisy and Winterbourne regarded the opinions of others, would have kept the two apart. There are some couples that you’d say are “meant to be” but in Daisy Miller and Winterbourne’s case you’d say that they were “meant to be apart.” ------------------------------------------------------------------------ **Bibliography** Work Cited James, Henry. Daisy Miller The Norton Introduction to the Short Novel Ed. Jerome Beaty N.Y. WW Norton + Company, 1999