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McCarthyism ³Joe McCarthy bought communism in much the same way as other people purchase a new automobile. The salesman showed him the model; he looked at it with interest, examined it more closely, kicked at the tires, sat at the wheel, squiggled around in the set, asked some questions and bought. It was as cold as that,² said Roy Cohn. In fact, Joe McCarthy was the leader behind the anti-communist force in the early 1950¹s. …

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…it to. There was not enough support for a revolution like communism to occur, because people hated it with a passion. McCarthy created the scare, not communists corrupting the government. The anticommunist movement was too strong to allow communism to take control of the United States. The communist threat during the McCarthy trials was unrealistic and not potentially dangerous to American society. Thus, it was a scare that was approached, looked at, and then destroyed.