Max Stirner & Postmodernism

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I see many connections between the thoughts of Max Stirner's Egoist and the Protean Man in myself. I see myself as someone who really attaches importance to my personal concerns. I often only think about my own welfare and I always seek out enjoyment in life. I'm always preoccupied exclusively with the gratification of my personal desires. I could also say that I am "user-friendly" because I help others so that they would help me …

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…up with ultimate resolutions for this because we only get more baffled. Moreover, I am of the same opinion as Lyotard in "multiculturalism" or "cultural pluralism". Suffering, conflict, and war are results of being close-minded. If we learn to understand others more, then we can compromise and avoid disaster. The distinctiveness of everyone is what makes them so special and remarkable. If the world had only one culture, it would be so boring and unchallenging.