Mathematics: Invented or Discovered?

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When Newton saw an apple drop from an apple tree he had an epiphany. That epiphany was the concept of gravity. Even though no one before Newton had ever thought of gravity, it had always existed and had always made apples drop from trees. Newton “discovered” and put a name to the concept of an object being pulled towards the earth; he did not “invent” gravity. Just as gravity wasn’t “invented”, math wasn’t “…

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…the knowledge of numbers, he still had a basic understanding of math when he established that more deer would be better than less deer. Math illustrates the relationship between matter in the universe. Before math was discovered, it existed as relationships in nature. Now that we analyze math and invent symbols and numbers to express it more efficiently, it is still the same math that the Neanderthal experienced, just in a different form. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ **Bibliography**