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Freudian Symbols in The Master Builder The Master Builder, by Henrik Ibsen, is a play about individuality, morality, and self. But beneath those very ambiguous descriptions lies a play with symbols that clearly depict the collective unconscious. Through a careful psychoanalytical critique of the text, the relationship between the symbolism and the psychological themes can be discovered as they interact throughout the play. Within a play, “symbolism has a broader role as a kind of …

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…strength of the superego which is represented by old Solness. Through a careful examination of the symbols used in Henrik Ibsen’s The Master Builder, a very successful Freudian analysis of the play and its characterizations can be revealed. Indeed, it becomes clear that the characters are driven by forces - sexual forces - quite out of their control, and it is the forces which ultimately destroy Solness’ life and Hilda’s chance for gratification.