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The story of the Massachusetts Bay Colony: In 1692, tragedy occurred in America, the "Salem Witch Trials" had begun (Lebeau). During the 17th century, people in the Massachusetts Bay Colony would be arrested and accused of having beliefs in the devil. From the first arrest warrants issued on February 29, 1692 to the last executions on September 22, 1962 over 150 people were accused and jailed on suspicion of witchcraft. Four people plus 1 infant died in prison, 18 people were executed by …

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…Act of the colonial legislature returned all property taken from the victims and paid their families compensation for their losses. This ended all official acts relating to the trials of 1692. However, in Salem Village, resentment would be felt for generations to come (Starkey). References: Lebeau, Bryan F. "The Story of the Salem Witch Trials." Prentice Hall Publishing Co., 1997 Starkey, Marion L. Devil in Massachusetts: A Modern Inquiry into the Salem Witch Trials, Peter Smith Publishing, 1973