Mary Reilly (1996): Short Film Review

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Mary Reilly: Short Film Review "Mary Reilly" (1996), takes us into a journey through the hardest bits of our mind. It speaks to our souls about what we think we are and what we could be if we could make our other self to come out. It's the well-known romance of Robert Louis Stevenson, "Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde" seen through the eyes of an housemaid, Mary (Julia Roberts), that was Dr. Jekyll's (John Malkovich) only …

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…for the good one. The theme of dual personality has always fascinated people. And it seems that the good part always wins, although it means its destruction. Mr. Hyde used his good part to set Mary free, by killing himself. Dr. Jekyll learnt that being afraid was not worth it and that he always had the chance to face the problems next to him. All he needed was to be as he had always been.