Marxs thought a product of his time Discuss

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"Marx's thought a product of its time." Discuss. Karl Marx was an individual who has influenced a great many individuals thought, even though he has been dead for over than forty years. The work of Marx continues to influence intellectual thought in some of the most remote countries. Marx's influence is important on the intellectual development of others, hence it is vital to study the history of the period of time that Marx was raised …

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…Cambridge University Press. 1971. Bibliography Bibliography 1) Hobsbawn Eric J. The History of Marxism. Harvest press, 1982. 2) McLellan David. The thought of Karl Marx. Papermac !971 2nd ed. 3)Riazanov David. Karl Marx and Frederick Engels an introduction into their lives and work. 4) Sullivan Robert. Karl Marx biography. 5) Giddens Anthony Capitalism and Modern Social Theory. Cambridge University Press. 1971.