Marx's Contribution to Democracy

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Karl Marx's contribution to politics has been plentiful. His theories, and insights into capitalism have reminded many that despite democratic principles, and ideals, societies can yet still produce, and promote great economic inequality among different classes. This fact is most evident among today's Western society where democracy has become a word intertwined with freedom, and equal opportunity, but where the politically, and economically powerful have used it to justify greater economic imbalance, and have put …

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…still however, possesses the tools to create a real democracy. For example, they could change the laws, and even the constitution if necessary, to give everyone equal political power, and even relatively more equal economic power. But because the wealthy, and therefore powerful, not only control the media, dialogue, and the very words and ideas themselves, society's revolution would have to take the form of non-violent resistance, demonstrations, and education, rather than a proletarian revolt.