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Management & Strategy Report Assignment 2 Case Study on Marks and Spencer's word Count 2732 Executive Summary 1. Key changes in market4 Clothing4 Food4 Financial Services5 Home-wares5 International5 2. Generic Strategies7 Decline in profits cause concern7 What strategy did they follow?7 Blind ignorance?8 Vandevelde arrives in 20008 Differentiation strategy8 Cost-leadership elements9 Possible distraction from M&S's new strategy9 3. Ansoff's Matrix10 Strategic direction followed under Peter Salsbury11 Withdrawal from markets11 Acquiring Littlewoods chain11 Large-scale promotional campaign11 Severing links with UK …

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…be credited to the change in culture as it is ultimately this change that has turned the company round. It is still possible though that the effects of all the poor publicity have still to grab hold of them. Yes they have increased their workforce by around 4000 but that still means there are over 60,000 old employees and it is quite naïve to think a whole culture can be changed in only a few years.