Mark Twain's The Lowest Animal

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In Queen Ant We Trust Is man the only true patriot or do animals too have this sense of pride that sets them apart from other realms of their own species? Mark Twain seems to think, based on his essay “The Lowest Animal”, that “man is the only patriot” and that he will kill his own kind only too later “wash the blood off of his hands” (176). However, man, contrary to Twain’s beliefs, is …

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…end of the war moves into the opposing mound, kills their queen, and assumes control of the mound. The two species, man and north African ant, do differ in many ways from each other. Each led a different way of life that is not too similar. However, it is incorrect for Twain to write about man as the “only patriot” when other species, such as some ants, follow many similar customs of patriotism as man.