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Mark Twain Mark Twain is proably the greatest American author to ever live. His style of writing changed the world forever. Before Mark Twain everyone wrote on serious topics. Twain was the first American to write comedys. People liked him because never bofore had their been an author who actually could make the reader laugh. Many people wonder how Mark Twian has become the greatest American author. Dr. Elliot Engle says Englands best writer, William …

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…eaisest part of his job. Hannibal did not have a typewriter to type the words onto the paper with, so Twain had to stamp every letter onto the paper. He never could find the letter he was looking for because the drunk janitor,who woked their, always was stamps in the wrong spot. So before every letter he put on the paper, Twain would have to look to make sure it was the correct one.